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What to Wear???

Start by choosing a casual outfit and a dressy outfit.

I always recommend at least one casual and one dressy outfit for your session! When you start off with this in mind, picking out your outfits will be easier! For your casual outfit, think about wearing  jeans or shorts. You can pair your favorite jeans/shorts,  with a cute tank, blouse or really any top that you want! You can bring a cute jacket, or sweater.  Then add accessories: scarves, bracelet, earrings, sunglasses, or even a hat, and Voila, your done!

For your more formal outfit, think about wearing a dress or skirt. Dresses are always a super easy option because you don’t have to worry about finding a shirt to go with it. Flowy dresses are a perfect choice!

Get inspired with the links below! 

So Cute Right??!

What colors should I wear?

Muted, earthy and neutral tones are fantastic for outdoor photos because they don’t take away from you or the background. Wearing super bright neon colors is extremely distracting and honestly it takes away from the overall photo. For the focus to truly be on you; muted earth tones are a great choice.  I'm not saying you can only wear whites, grays, and blacks. There are variations and shades of every single color! Instead of wearing highlighter yellow, wear yellow ochre.   Need some help with colors? A place to start? Below are some selections I've made. Feel free to text or email me an image and we can pick colors specifically for you.

Spring and Summer



For the Guys

The Casual Look
A button up oxford with a T-Shirt (no large graphics please) underneath paired with jeans and with tennis shoes

A pair of khakis and a polo shirt with low profile tennis shoes or boat shoes

A pair of Khakis or Jeans paired with an oxford button up shirt with sleeves rolled up


A crew neck sweater with a dark pair of pants, dress shoes.

Dark denim jeans with a T-shirt and paired with a blazer and dress shoes.

Black pants with a colored oxford button up shirt with dress shoes

Don't sweat this! Our time together will be fun and stress free. You've got this!

A Modern Approach

I take a modern approach to your images while offering excellent service

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